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act silly, say teeth in Vietnam

act silly, say teeth in Vietnam. Removable plastic teeth have a rather bulky blemish, not suitable for treatment in cases with lower palate. After a period of use, due to the removal of the jaw bone will make the dentures disassembled lax, fall easily fall, then patients have to re-jaw. After use, the disassembly function is easy to infuse the mouth and create a foul odor. It costs more than a removable denture made of hard plastic. The food sensor’s detachment function is not the same as fixed tooth placement, if bad hygiene can cause a number of dental diseases. If you regularly snack or drink soft drinks, acid has more time to attack teeth. This is also why parents are encouraged not to allow infants to use milk bottles, fruit juices or liquids containing sugar before going to bed. This makes it easy for bacteria to stick to the surface of the teeth, forming plaque that is difficult to remove from it, resulting in tooth decay and damage to your teeth and tooth pulp.

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Why does the loss of teeth cause a malfunction? Saigon Vietnam dental implants

Loss of teeth, especially for the loss of many teeth, will lead to a phenomenon after a period. The loss of teeth due to loss of teeth caused by the loss of teeth caused the face to change.

The jaw supports the entire facial structure to make it more aesthetic and eat better. When we eat chewing, the chewing force will spread to the teeth and then down to the bone to be absorbed. When the teeth have been lost, the bone below the tooth loss will also go away because of no longer function. Losing more teeth and losing teeth for as long as the jaw bone is much more. This causes bone loss, supporting the gum tissue and soft tissue of the face, causing the gums to become lost. vietnam dentist prices

It is this spell that makes you feel your cheeks hollow out gradually. Loss of teeth has a great influence on the face, aesthetic aspects of the face, causing the face will be saggy, the face of the neighbors to feel old compared to age. nha khoa ident

Therefore, to avoid this, when the tooth loss, should restore the missing teeth as soon as possible.

Improved implant loss due to tooth loss

Many customers think that to improve the situation on the teeth, only the planting of dentures is complete, however, for two methods of denture removal and dental porcelain can only function to restore teeth. It does not restore the face because it cannot stop the bone loss. Only a new implants implant can help resolve this condition. The change in the face after the implants implant is something that you can easily see after the implant.

Implant implantation involves the use of an implant made of titanium in the bone tissue of the jaw where the tooth is lost as a real root, when the chewing force is propagated along the implant and the impact on the tooth impinges. stimulates the jaw bone around the teeth. This stimulation helps maintain bone density helps, support the facial muscles, limit the status quo. Implant implants not only ensure a high aesthetic for the face but also help you eat normal chewing, maintain effective long term. nha khoa trồng răng implant

It is no exaggeration that implants Implant is a new technology, a step up in dentistry to the present. However, for implant implants are really perfect, this technique requires many factors.

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