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to discover the lively world of sea teeth in Vietnam

to discover the lively world of sea teeth in Vietnam, it can be implanted 10 pillars, or 6 pillars if the opposite. If a doctor does not have good skills, it is not possible to get a successful implant, even failure is possible the application of rapid anesthesia techniques, highly qualified professional experience will proceed very smoothly and safely, after complete implantation the patient can return to a dentist. comfortable way. In case of multiple implants implant, the patient will be performed in large hospital at the same time, do not have to pant several pillars this reduces patient time, reduce antibiotics lasting, not painful many times. Patients will also be tested for free before general anesthesia to ensure absolute safety. Because of brushing teeth wrong

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About braces – maybe you do not know? vietnam dentist prices

Braces Orthodontics is a term used in dentistry, a method that uses dental instruments to rearrange the distal, dental, The back gives you aesthetic beauty for your smile as well as your face.

Not only bring aesthetics as desired, help teeth become even and beautiful. In addition, braces also help correct the teeth to correct the bite, improve chewing function.

Braces are dangerous?

Cannot negate the benefits of braces, but braces are also dangerous and risky? In fact, there are many cases of braces fail and leave many unpredictable consequences, unfortunately after the braces can be mentioned as follows:

– The teeth do not move to the right place as expected to cause aesthetic.

– Teeth show signs of weakness and impairment of chewing function.

– Tooth can be easily damaged by pathogenic agents, invasive bacteria that cause dental disease.

– Reduce the life expectancy of the teeth, which can cause bone loss in the tooth and cause tooth decay, premature loss.


Braces at what stage?

Braces should be taken from 11 to 12 years to bring good results. When you start replacing your teeth for a long period of time, you should seek medical care and make braces to remove dental defects and to intervene early. It is best to have braces when the permanent teeth have completely developed because at this stage, the teeth are easy to move in the bone.

However, for adults, this approach is still available. Caution to avoid the danger, pregnant women should not braces because the hormone changes signs, so gingivitis is more prone to inflammation, leading to oral hygiene becomes more difficult. cấy ghép implant ở đâu tốt nhất

The doctor also told me that three months after the loss of teeth, the bone begins to dissolve, after 6 months the bone will disappear by about 25% and after one year the suppressed up to 40%.


Period of braces is quite long from about 1-3 years, depending on the degree of heavy or light. However, it is possible to shorten the length of treatment when you follow your doctor’s appointment, follow-up visits on time. cấy răng implant

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